Take Charge of Your Life...Before It Takes Charge of You - Dr. Richard Ganz

Excerpt - Chapter 3

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What in the World is a Take-Charge Life?

A Take-Charge life is a full time life action plan. You live out God's saving work through you, for the sake of others.

We live at a time when true leadership is rarely found. True leadership is never the exertion of our power over others. True leadership is the exertion of our power over ourselves.

This is what a Take-Charge life involves. It is nothing more, and nothing less, than being "energetic to submit ourselves to God's saving power working through us."

Such a lifetime is not a pastime. It is full time. It is from our hearts. We live a Take-Charge life knowing that we are enabled by God to have "both the desire and the power to do what pleases Him." A Take-Charge life then, is a submitted, energetic, God-directed, God-pleasing life.

This is the Time

It is time for us to Take-Charge of our life. I have absolutely no question about that. This is the time. The time is NOW. A decisive commitment is necessary. We are capable of making just such a decisive commitment. I made life-changing commitments when the only impetus was to prove that my fraternity brothers were wrong. I made life-changing commitments when I realized that psychoanalysis is wrong. We are capable of such commitments.

The only life-changing commitment that matters forever is our commitment to Jesus. From the moment that He Takes-Charge of our life, He will enable us to live a Take-Charge life.

We will learn more and more about what is true, good, beautiful, and excellent. We already possess everything we need to live a life pleasing to God. What seems impossible now, will soon be second nature. We will Take-Charge of our lives. No longer will our lives Take-Charge of us.

Take-Charge Action Initiatives
  1. Is there any decisive commitment you need to make right now?

  2. In what ways is your life (A) energetic, (B) God-directed, (C) God-pleasing?

  3. From what you have read so far, what is a Take-Charge life?

  4. What Take-Charge areas are you hoping will be covered in this book?

  5. Have you made the life-changing Take-Charge commitment mentioned at the end of this chapter? If not, why not?

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